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The Things They Say Behind Your Back:

In this groundbreaking book in the dim world of opinion formation Helmreich opens a closet bursting with skeletons and explores the myths and historical roots of stereotypes pertaining to several ethnic groups: Are Jews really smarter? What about rhythmical Blacks, hard-drinking Irishmen, dumb Poles, emotional Hispanics, and all those cold, artificial WASPs sipping inevitable dry martinis? He discusses which stereotypes are false, which are true, how they originated, and why some of the most libeled groups promote warped perceptions about themselves.

Helmreich has examined over four hundred scientific studies and combines hard facts with humor, anecdotes, and common sense in his courageous attempt to understand and explain stereotypes. He contends that we should discuss this topic openly and recognize the tendencies and traits, negative and positive,-that are rooted in a group's history and culture rather than pretend that there are no differences among the members of multiracial America.

The World of the Yeshiva

In the advance yeshiva, adult males spend long periods of time-sometimes their entire lives-studying and interpreting traditional writings on Jewish law and theology, all but totally cut off from the mainstream of American life, and indeed, the lives of most American Jews. Why is this East European incarnation of an ancient Jewish tradition flourishing in present-day America? What does its successful transplantaion tell us about Orthodox Jewish life?

Letters from Tel Mond Prison

This riveting apologia from an American-born Jew convicted of terrorism on behalf of the Israeli settlers movement not only displays the motivations and development of a person capable of political violence but reveals a voice that is unsettling in its forthrightness and familiarity. Raised in Brooklyn, Era Rapaport was like many earnest young people of the 1960s. Believing in the ideals of social justice, he marched for civil rights and earned a master's degree in social work

The Jewish Condition

This brilliant set of essays poses the paradigmatic question: are Jews in grave danger today or not? Concern is rooted in the storm clouds of 1938, when the same question arose just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War and the Holocaust. The contributors do not presume that the events of seventy years ago are identical with those today, or that they emanate from the same sources. However, the shared feeling is that Jewish communities worldwide are very much, once again at risk. In post-1938 Germany, the Nazi state began its march toward world conquest, with the destruction of European Jewry as its centerpiece. In an act of willful blindness, Western democratic leaders chose to negotiate and appease the Hitler regime.